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Coming alongside Boone County foster and adoptive families since 2020.

At Packing Hope we want families to know that they are not alone. We are dedicated to providing resources, support and hope to Boone County foster, kinship and adoptive families.

Packing Hope is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.

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Bags at Placement

Packing Hope believes every child in foster care should come into a home with their own belongings. When a child comes into a foster home with their own belongings they have something they can call their very "own". For the foster parent, when a child comes in with a Packing Hope bag they have everything that child needs to get them through the next 48 hours. This allows the parent to meet the emotional needs of that child since the physical needs have been met.

Every bag is filled with all new items. They include:

2 outfits, pajamas, underwear, socks, blanket, book, journal or coloring book, hygeine items, and stuffed animal.

Please reach out if you are a foster parent and your child needs a bag. If you are a case worker or CASA you can request a bag for your client at the link above.


Packing Hope Birthday Bags

Every Child Deserves to Be Celebrated!

At Packing Hope, we believe every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday. We are thankful to work with the Boone County CASA program. Every child in our county will receive a Packing Hope birthday bag on their special day.

On their birthday they will receive a bag filled with:

Birthday supplies, cake mix, blanket, stuffed animal, book and small gift.

Packing Hope Meal Train

Taking One Thing Off Your Plate

Parenting a child from hard places can be a difficult job. At Packing Hope we want to offer resources to lighten your load, to take something off your plate, literally!

Our Packing Hope volunteers provide home cooked meals delivered to Boone County foster and adoptive families.

What is a reason to request a meal?

  • You have a new foster child

  • Your family is managing difficult behaviors

  • You are drowning with many therapies and appointments

  • It would just be nice to have one thing off your plate for a few weeks!

If you would like to request a meal for your family or a family you are working, reach out on the link above.

Painted Hands

Get Involved

Helping Families and Children in Our Community

Pack  Bags

If you are interested in packing a back pack reach out to us and we can let you know where we have needs of sizes.

Click the button below to learn what goes in a Packing Hope backpack.

Pack Birthday Bags

Birthday bags are a fun way to volunteer as a group or family. Each month we prepare the months birthday bags to be delivered to our CASAs. If you have a group that would like to learn how to get involved in this project reach out today!

Meal Train Community

Do you love to cook? This may be the perfect way to bless a family with a homecooked meal. Sign up to be added to our meal train community to be notified of available dates.

Gift cards to restaurants are always appreciated by families! Reach out to learn more!

Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist is created with all items to fill a bag as well as specific birthday gifts for children in Boone County foster care. When you purchase a gift from our wishlist, simply select Packing Hope as the destination and it will come directly to us. We appreciate the support of this community!

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